Best ram timings for ryzen 2600

While the base line might be what the company recommends, there's certainly more performance to be attained with the right kit, especially when many motherboards boast supported speeds well above 4, MHz.

And of course, performance is about much more than just frequency. How much truth is behind these claims, and how much farther can an average performance PC builder push their performance by tweaking timings and settings?

When AMD says that Ryzen is DDR optimized, one might expect that anything less will result in noticeable performance losses and that anything more will produce minuscule gains.

Though we prefer to set our memory in multiples of The greatest performance difference in our combined averages is the 2. Digging deeper, we find a few applications with larger differences that were minimized through averaging. CAS 14 did very little for our DDR configuration, to the point that it appeared to have lost a step in our overall performance score while falling within the margin of error.

But the margin of error is most noticeable in applications where we expect a tie, and we can still separate a few of the tests that are more memory-dependent. F1 and our custom 7-Zip file compression timed test show that the extra bandwidth is at least as important as the tighter timings.

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Command rate is the number of cycles a command must be presented before a memory operation commences, so that 2T incurs an additional cycle of latency to every memory access. What do our memory-bottlenecked benchmarks show? As we prepare to compare the performance of two DIMMs to four, we thought we should first show how much performance difference there is between 16GB and 32GB.

Doing so presents a different problem however, as four single-rank DIMMs will perform differently from two, even when the total capacity is the same. To get 16GB from the same four ranks as our current 32GB set, we needed memory with identical capability but half the capacity. Amazingly, 16GB outperformed 32GB when frequency, timings, and the organization of ICs on the circuit board are constant.

Benchmarks that typically benefit the most from increased data rates or decreased latencies show less favoritism for the smaller kit. None of our benchmarks are designed for 32GB, and our recommendations for that capacity have primarily focused on multitasking rather than benchmark data. Current page: Introduction. Image 1 of Image 2 of Image 3 of Image 4 of Image 5 of Image 6 of Image 7 of Image 8 of Image 9 of Image 10 of Image 11 of Image 12 of Image 13 of Image 14 of Image 15 of See all comments So another test I want to see with ryzenfaster speed ram with loose timings, or slower speed ram with tight timings.

I see on the reviews for Ryzen 3, the official support for 4 dimms at dual rank is only PC builders are finally getting their hands on the new Ryzen series of processors, including the Ryzen 5Ryzen 7 X, X and the Ryzen 9 X, and for those looking to do a build with one of these, many will be asking the same question — what are the best RAM kits, memory speeds and CAS latencies for Ryzen builds?

In this guide, we will focus on what the best RAM speeds and types are for Ryzen processors, and recommend the best RAM for each selected CAS latency and frequency, drawing from value options, low-profile options and best all-round RAM options for Ryzen Infinity fabric is only supported up to memory clock speeds of MHz, and thus memory speed is very important until you reach MHz, and above this speed is where lower latency becomes more important.

It is becoming fairly common knowledge that for Ryzen builds, Samsung B-Die memory performs far better and has far better compatibility with Ryzen IMC than any other type of memory manufacturer, and to be honest, nobody really knows the exact reason why. All models we will be recommending in this guide will have Samsung B-die memory, to ensure you get the maximum memory performance out of your upcoming Ryzen build.

If you want to check a specific memory kit if its B-die, this website is a useful tool to check. These are Samsung B-die that are perfect for Ryzen Zen 2, and feature heat spreaders with a height of 41mm, and timings of and 1. This is also Samsung B-Die DDR4 memory and features a super sleek aluminum heatsink with controllable RGB design, and will perform great whilst looking fantastic in any build.

This CL14 B-die memory offers a great performance for its price point and offers a sleek design with an aluminum heat spreader and timings of Skills Flare X series. With a height of 40mm, it is also one of the best low profile MHz CL14 memory sticks available for Ryzentoo.

There you go, we have covered our recommended and standout memory kits and speeds for Ryzenand think one of these kits will be suited for any Ryzen build, whether it be on a budget or enthusiast-grade level. Skip to primary navigation Skip to main content. Pictured: Best performance CL16 memory.But with the vast amount of different kits, what exactly should you look out for?

But first I want to make clear that for gaming the performance gap will only really show between the different memory kits if you are CPU and not GPU limited, so there probably will be a smaller difference if any at all between a slower and a faster RAM kit when you are playing at 4k UHD compared to p because at higher resolutions you are more GPU limited. The first thing you will probably notice differing between different kits is their clock speeds, e.

This is one of the important parts that will affect your performance. They can also be important for your performance and also give insight in some cases regarding the manufacturer of the memory. The ones that stand out here and are also recommended most of the time are the Samsung B-Die memory modules as they perform and overclock the best.

To sum up timings, lower is better in general. Another point that I want to address is the rank of the RAM. The two types that appear nowadays are single and dual rank memory modules.

Best RAM & Memory Timings for Ryzen 3000 Processors (inc. 3600/X, 3700X, 3800X, 3900X)

Most of the time 8GB modules and below seem to be single rank while 16GB sticks are usually dual rank. And the last thing that I want to mention is the channel configuration which can also have a big impact on performance depending on the workload.

The Ryzen 7 x supports dual channel memory configurations which means that two sticks of memory have to be plugged into the corresponding slots on the motherboard which will effectively double the bandwidth compared to single channel. The second generation of Ryzen processors officially supports up to MHz, so that is the speed that you are pretty much guaranteed to achieve, everything after that is overclocking territory for these CPUs, but most of the time up to MHz should work just fine for most people.

best ram timings for ryzen 2600

And the last thing to remember here is the rank of the RAM. Up till that point you will see a decent performance bump for each increase in clock speed. After that you will see diminishing returns and sometimes no performance increase at all anymore. The G. Skill Flare X series was released alongside the first generation of Ryzen and was also optimized for that purpose, so of course this is one that is very popular and recommended amongst Ryzen owners.

It is a 16gb kit consisting out of two 8gb modules using a black PCB and black, shiny heat spreaders, so it should look just fine in most systems. It has a height of 40mm and as such it should fit under most of the big tower-style coolers, but not all of them.

As the kit is optimized for Ryzen it works at the specified speed and timings for almost everyone. But of course there is one downside and that is the price. In conclusion that means if you want to get the maximum out of your system, then this kit is a very good choice, especially when you tweak the timings and frequency, but if you want value then you may want to look into some of the other choices. And of course, the most distinguishing feature is the beautiful lightbar housing 10 LEDs on the top covering the complete length of the modules.

Skill is still a very popular choice. One thing to take note of is that G. Skill went on to release AMD-optimized memory kits later one which can be identified through the X at the end of the model name e. They are nice to get when they are close in price to the original, non-AMD-optimized Trident Z RGB, but not necessary as it seems, because the second generation of Ryzen has better memory compatibility than the first.

I personally prefer the looks of the Corsair RGB RAM, but that is something that each person has to decide for themselves, either way, both of them are good choices and have a big lineup to choose from.

But of course, G.It acts as a fast, volatile memory for your operating system to access data. However, the speeds they can write and read at are mind-boggling, even compared to modern NVMe flash SSDs, which is what makes them so useful. In fact, a relatively inexpensive MHz memory module is at least times faster than the fastest flash storage you can buy today.

It is used for everything you do on a PC. Each successive iteration improves upon its predecessor. The number given with this unit is simply the maximum cycles per second it can handle.

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So, a memory rated at MHz is capable of performing 3. There are many factors at play when it comes to memory speeds in real-world usage. However, as a simple rule of thumb, faster memory clocks will usually be faster than RAM with lower memory clocks.

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Avoiding this is important because manufacturers will often try to sell you overpriced memory kits using marketing jargon and ultra-high clock speed specifications. Before we begin breaking down timings, visualize your RAM as a simple spreadsheet with rows and columns to simplify things.

In the above case, your actual data rate is the double of listed DRAM frequency, i. Using it is pretty straightforward. Every memory module you buy is manufactured by one of three companies — Samsung, Hynix, or Micron. The DRAM calculator detects the grade and manufacturer of your memory die before suggesting memory timings that should work.

As you can see, you can calculate a safe timing, a fast timing, and an extreme timing. These timings have to be set in your BIOS. With the launch of mammoth 32GB memory modules, you can now run an astounding amount of RAM in your system. However, do you need all that much?

best ram timings for ryzen 2600

The amount of RAM you need depends on the primary goal of your PC build as well as the applications you use. Are you building a PC to render high-quality video footage or complex scenes? A QVL, or Qualified Vendor List, is a list published by motherboard manufacturers that categorically reveals the memory modules that were tested by them and are confirmed to be working at their rated speeds.

See those series of numbers and alphabets in the brackets at the end? You can see multiple versions of this same memory module tested on the X Creation Motherboard, even in 4-module configurations. Absolutely not.

Selecting best RAM for Ryzen 2600

Cross-referencing a serial number with a QVL is just a way to guarantee the rated clock speed of your memory kit on your motherboard. Check how many manufacturers and how many configurations have been tested, and are running successfully at rated speeds. Make sure you keep your BIOS updated for any future improvements and attempt to get to the rated speed after each update. I tried everything, to no avail. However, 6 months and a few BIOS revisions later, it started working, no problem!

Single, dual, and quad-channel memory configurations indicate the bandwidth available for memory to work simultaneously. So, a single-channel memory configuration would have half the bandwidth of a dual-channel configuration and one-fourth the bandwidth of a quad-channel one. Yes, most motherboards do have 4 RAM slots. But populating all four of them means running them on dual-channel mode.If you click a link on this page and make a purchase, we may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

best ram timings for ryzen 2600

Learn more. This only means that you are going to get top notch performance when you are opting for a RAM kit with a higher frequency and pairing it with a Ryzen processor. Given the rise in the popularity of Ryzen based CPUs and builds in general, it was a fairly obvious move that more and more manufacturers are going to jump the gun and start making hardware that is specific for AMD Ryzen. This is where the Trident Z Neo comes into play. What is so good for this RAM? For starters, you are getting one of the most solid build qualities you can find in any RAM kit available in the market.

This RAM is the reminiscent of the original Trident in every sense of the way, and that is what we love about this. Another great thing here is that G. Skill has done a fantastic job at making the RGB lighting absolutely gorgeous; plus, it does work with a number of motherboard lighting as well, so you are in a benefit.

You are also getting a neutral neutral colour scheme or design which means that you can easily pair this RAM with a majority of the system builds available in the market.

How Do Memory Timings Work?

Last but not the least, another thing that we definitely appreciate is the performance of this RAM. In all honesty, this is one of the best performing RAMs available in the market. As for the downsides, I genuinely cannot think of any, so if you are looking for something good, this is the way to go. Full Review of G. Skill Trident Z Neo. Corsair is no stranger to some of the finest memory modules so far.

The company has been at it for some time now and have been creating some of the best memory modules, too. The great thing about Corsair is that they are always dedicated to providing the best memory experience, and that is the best part about them.

For starters, the RAM gives excellent performance on all fronts, and especially at the rated XMP settings, you do not have to worry about data rates either because the performance remains consistent through and through.

best ram timings for ryzen 2600

Which happens to be one of the stronger suites of this RAM. The RGB lighting is gorgeous to the max, and it looks good in almost every scenario that you could imagine; you can control it through Corsair iCUE, but if you have got other products from companies like Asus or MSI, you can sync the RAM with those relative software solutions. Another great thing is that Corsair has managed to kept the pricing very competitive, which certainly is a good thing, and you will not have any problems that could come in the way.

On the downside, the only issue that I noticed was that the RAM could not reach 4, MHz when we tried overclocking but in all honesty, that is not such a huge deal breaker because the RAM did perform wonderfully out of the box. It is fast, looks gorgeous, and is reasonably priced as well. If you are looking for good quality RAM but you do not want to spend a lot of money then going with Patriot memory is definitely one of the best things that you can do.

One of the best things about this RAM kit is that it is one of the affordable options available in the market; so if it is something mid-range you want, this is the way to go.GPU Roundups. You can now follow PC Guide on Twitter PCGuidedotcom to keep up with all the latest news, reviews and our industry-leading buying guides. Lowest price. Give me that bling. Superb speed. Ryzen 3 G might be okay. At the time of writing, this cheaper option is marginally slower and on sale. The is the ram that any rapper building his own PC would go for.

Without a doubt. We have picked the silver version here, but yes it also comes in gold google it! The G. Skill TridentZ series is a particular favorite among Ryzen enthusiasts, since they have a higher chance of using Samsung B-Dies. If you are the kind of hobbyist that likes their builds to match beautifully though, good luck finding a GPU and mobo to match with these bad boys! The Patriot Viper Steel Series is a favorite among enthusiasts, and this is actually our first truly high-end selection.

This is going to be our first This G. Skill and Corsair.

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To make a few basic things clear about the spec listings, though:. To get the optimal performance with a Ryzen APU, you need at least a dual-channel configuration so it runs at full DDR4 speed instead of half speed and MHz of speed.

Not… really, but some people have favorites. One of the ways enthusiasts like to choose Ryzen RAM is through selecting kits that use Samsung B-Dies, since those are of a consistently high quality. Skill and Corsair great brands to buy from in this category.When looking at several different DDR4 memory kits at varying speeds, we found one common thing that for Ryzen's stock tRC timing, with the value changing depending on memory speed but offering the same real-time value of around 0.

This means that tRC will have much more room for improvement with higher speed memory, where stock tRC timings are highest, with our G. Skill Trident Z memory allowing this timing to drop to 48 at MHz.

These tRC timings are used by every Ryzen motherboard that we have tested so far, leaving room for optimisation. Skill Trident Z kit. This is found for this memory on the XMP section of the memory's timings table. Subscribing to the OC3D newsletter will keep you up-to-date on the latest technology reviews, competitions and goings-on at Overclock3D. We won't share your email address with ANYONE, and we will only email you with updates on site news, reviews, and competitions and you can unsubscribe easily at any time.

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Best RAM for Ryzen : 7 Best DDR4 Options for 2020

Originally Posted by Chrazey. Originally Posted by WYP. That is the thing with test beds, hardware changes all the time. I can't take pics with every hardware configuration. My XMP 2. Originally Posted by harrison. Name Email. Memory Clock Speed. Actual Clock Speed. Stock tRC Timing. Time passed per memory clock Nano Seconds.